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Serving you for the last ten years

Water Features Guys has been offering you with high quality water features and landscaping solutions for the last one decade. We are glad to be associated with you as we bring major transformation to your outdoor living spaces. It is our desire that we continue serving you so that you can also continue referring more business to us. Call us at 888-324-6646 if you need quality water features installed in your outdoor living areas.

Diverse landscape designs

Water Features Guys maintains a reputation of the best water features installer and the best provider of landscaping services due to the diverse and unique designs we have. Our designers are well versed with all matters to do with landscaping and are thus able to convert your imagination into something tangible that you can see in your compounds. Our creativity also gives us the power to come up with custom designs in the water features that will meet the unique tastes and preferences of each client. Align yourself with us today and witness a total transformation taking place in your outdoor living areas.

Water feature installation services

We provide a variety of water feature installation services. Our skill and experience makes nothing a limitation to us and we will work with you to bring out the exact unique designs in any water feature you want installed in your compound. We are specialists when it comes to the installation of the following water features-:

Pondless waterfalls and streams

Concrete and fountain water features

Contemporary water features

Formal and informal water features

Koi ponds

Water gardens

Natural rock water features.

If you need any of the above and you want it designed and installed by the real professionals, feel free to give us a call at 888-324-6646 and we will be delighted to help you.

Filtration and clarification services

There are instances when your water features might get blocked, acquire a lot of dirt, run out of oxygen leading to the death of fish etc. In order to keep and maintain life in the water features, we offer you affordable and reliable filtration and clarification services amongst others. Neglecting your pond and failing to accord the necessary maintenance and care might turn them into breeding grounds for mosquitoes and this can be a serious health problem. Under this arena, we offer services such as Lake Filtration, pond and pool aeration, bog filtration systems, ultra violet clarification.

Landscape drainage planning and installation

Are you in need of drainage services? Do you get bothered by water clogging everywhere whenever there is a heavy downpour? Instead of treating this as a menace, use our skills in the installation of water features as well as landscape and drainage planning to use the water and put in some beautiful use. Water Features Guys have the skills to implement various drainage systems such as French drainage, lawn drainage, planter drainage as well as surface drainage systems. Call us today at 888-324-6646 for more specialized water feature and drainage design systems.

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